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Be Conscious About the Media

Elina Pasok
There is a reason we called this company Optimist Collective. We consider optimism to be one of the most important traits in the strange world we find ourselves in today. But what is optimism? The definition may vary from person to person, but for us, optimism is a habit and a technique that we practise regularly.

We are starting a new tradition of sharing our #optimismtips regularly on our channel.

Optimism tip 1: be conscious about the media

Everyone knows that the blue sky is always there, right above us - even on rainy days, but when you forget that, the world might seem dreary and grey. The news and the media don't help with this - but we all know how the media works, right? Scary news and dreadful headlines drive the numbers up and bring the audiences. So if you are not yet ready to give this up altogether and really need to keep yourself updated on the latest current affairs, choose your channels carefully, avoid tabloids and speculations and learn to perceive everything through a filter of "I know it is not all that bad".

In fact, there is a ton of good news and heartfelt stories happening every single day, but they rarely get as much attention as the gruesome ones.

What is your favourite optimism technique? How do you cope with the rainy days? Please share with us in the comments and let's spread some positivity here!

x Dan