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Zeitgeist Collection

We live in truly fascinating times, that can feel terrifying on a regular basis. What a weird world! Can you imagine trying to explain all the intricacies of life online to someone from the 1950s? That would definitely be one awkward conversation. 

Tech today is overwhelmingly omnipresent and omniscient and it knows us better than we know ourselves. Information is the most sought after commodity. In a world of instant gratification and a vast amount of readily available information, ignorance is no longer bliss. It is a choice.

In our Zeitgeist collection, we want to explore the strange world of XXI century humans, where boundaries between the real and the virtual are becoming vague and malleable. Sure, it will get dark sometimes, but we promise to instil optimism in the rest of the designs. We hope that if George Orwell was still alive (and wore t-shirts), he would wear one of these.