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Music Collection

As you’ve probably noticed already, we are quite the music geeks - and we hope you are as well! Music heals the wounds that the modern world is so keen to inflict on us. It is one of the most incredible ways to connect with people you’ve never met on a truly important and deeply emotional level.

Inspired by the sounds of your favourite tune you decide to pick up an instrument - whatever it might be (computer is a very powerful music instrument today, remember that!). Suddenly you discover this eternally beautiful world of new sounds and soaring melodies, that haven’t existed a second ago. You are creating music out of thin air! We’ve been doing this for many years, but it still feels like true magic!

Our music collection has all the things we love: vintage guitars, synthesizer circuits, effects pedals, speakers, metronomes and the Circle of Fifths (gotta love those!) New designs will be imagined, fulfilled and uploaded regularly - there are so many awesome things that help us write and play music that we want to wear them all with pride on our chests!