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Welcome the Muse

Elina Pasok

We are all creative by nature, we like making things and telling stories. But the muse is a difficult creature to tame. So I propose we collaborate with the muse instead and create habits that will make her stay longer:

1 Make sure your muse knows where to find you

Doesn't matter if this is your favourite armchair facing a window with a view or a bustling coffee shop that you frequent or a bench in the park - there has to be a place where you feel the most creative. If you need a studio to be creative - make it cosy and comfortable - your plan is to spend a lot of time in there, right?

2 Experiment with times of day

Feeling particularly fresh in the morning? Or prefer the silence of the night? Regardless of your current schedule I would advise to try to be creative at different times of day. Usually, mornings are more suitable for generating ideas and afternoons are for implementing them, but it can be totally opposite for you. Be flexible - and you might find yourself creating all day long.

3 🔇 Get rid of distractions

Simply put - turn off your phone. It will feel weird and unsettling at first - but you will survive, I promise. There is a lot of noise coming directly at you from the Internet at hyper-sonic speeds - and you stop hearing your own thoughts as they are replaced by someone else's. Get rid of that - and start hearing better.

4 Journal or doodle for 5 minutes right after waking up

The brain usually wakes up in a beautifully pure state of being - capture it on paper and that might lead to bigger ideas throughout the day.

5 Feel like a kid again

Forget what you know, stop trying to fit into a convention and just have fun. Remember how easy it was to have fun when you were a kid? Conjure that feeling by whatever means possible - and your art will reflect your true self.