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Am I creative?

Elina Pasok

“I’m not Creative” - is it really true?

When a person says they are not at all creative, they never really mean it. Though the word Creativity comes from Latin “to create, to make”, Creative Thinking + Implementation are what made our species so interesting - big ideas, mind-blowing concepts and successful problem-solving.

I wouldn’t limit creativity to painting, filmmaking or building castles out of toothpicks. Creativity is a combination of thinking modes that, when mixed together and implemented, produce a novel and worthwhile idea.

Every person is creative, we just use some Thinking Modes more than the others:
💡 Creative thinking - search and creation of new ideas.
🧐 Critical thinking - holistic analysis and calculated conclusions.
🎨 Figurative thinking - visualization of ideas.
🧠 Adaptive intellect - an ability to adapt to changing conditions, changing strategies of problem-solving.
💬 Communication skills - ability to work in a team and building relationships.

What is your strongest Thinking Mode?
Use it to your advantage and make something worthwhile.