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Clear Your Head

Elina Pasok

Clear Your Head ✍🏻🧠

I’m currently working on a number of complex creative briefs in a very fast-paced environment, however, I feel fine and my eye is not twitching. I found a solution that is keeping me sane while juggling all the high-pressure projects: I write everything down . I don’t trust my memory with vital information, and I don’t fill my memory bank with details that won’t matter in a month.

Instead, I focus on things that matter in the long-run: emotions, senses, lessons learned, human connection, conversations and stories from books, art, music and movies. I’m an active listener and I tend to remember what you tell me in detail. This is only possible because I regularly clear my head.

📓👩‍💼 I have a thick and well-organized notebook with work-related notes and I log all progress in a file on a cloud. This notebook is for my “director’s mind” - systematic and colour-coded.

📔👩🏼‍🎨 Another fancy notebook that my husband gave me, is for art development. I log awesome dreams, big ideas, nuggets from books, inspiring movie scenes, sketches and concepts as soon as I think of them. This notebook is my “hectic artistic mind”.

📕💆🏼‍♀️ There is a third notebook too - it’s a daily diary. If a secret agent were to ask me where I was on the night of September 5th 2018, I can open this notebook and tell them that I have a solid alibi. This is a notebook that helps remember the minutiae daily moments and details that I don’t want to slip away: enjoying an ice cream cone in the park with Dan, watching sunbeam shining through a crack in the tree, listening to Death Cab for Cutie, seeing a bat circling around the lamp post and a swan fighting a man for his bagel. This notebook is my “emotional mind”.

When I open the daily diary on a random page, my two lines of scribbles unfold into a fully detailed memory.

Our lives are built from little moments, not only victories and epic defeats.

Keep the real moments alive 📚.