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Realigning Values

Elina Pasok

Realigning Values

During the 2020 lockdown many people had an epiphany 😲 and started adding change into their lives. We had a moment to sit with our thoughts and think if there’s anything missing.

Surprisingly, musical instrument shops saw a rise in sales 📈 - people added art into their lives.

Have you ever played the Wheel of Life❓

🎡 It’s a positive psychology technique that helps realign the values and see the bigger picture. The rules are quite simple - evaluate all parts of your life, give them a number, connect the dots - and here’s your Wheel of Life. You may find that the wheel is not round enough. Your aim for the upcoming season/year is to make it rounder.

📝 Make 3-5 wishes/plans for the next 6 months and write them down to fit the categories. For instance, a 30-book reading challenge goes to “personal growth” and daily 10-minute meditation to “health”. Saving £2k for an extravagant birthday party to “finances”, “MarieKondo” the whole house into “physical environment”.

Make the plans as precise and detailed as possible, but dream big. Focus and improve the elements of life that may have been neglected.

During the pandemic I’ve seen a drop in my “fun & recreation, friends, romance and health”. Good news I saw improvements in personal growth. Now, having done any new wheel of life, I can see the big picture. I can make choices that will help find what I’m missing.


How round did your wheel turn out? Is it round enough?